Featured Case Study

A flour based tortilla package

A customer had a problem … each time they cooked a burrito on a clamshell style grill … cheese would leak onto the grill … require time consuming cleaning at the worst time … when they are busy

The customer wanted us to develop a package to meet the following requirements:

  • One package – to cook the burrito in, and to service the customer
  • Package must keep the grill clean
  • The tortilla can’t stick to the package
  • The package cannot char, singe or burn
  • Package must be low cost
  • Package must be printed

We designed a package with foil on the outside … to stand up to the heat of a grill … and printed it with a special, high heat ink.

The inside … we worked very closely with a mill to develop a proprietary sheet of paper with the following attributes

  • Lightweight
  • Can be glued/adhered to foil
  • Would stand up to the heat
  • Would not stick to the tortilla
  • FDA certified for direct contact
  • Would not degrade when exposed to the heat, steam, grease and moisture

We then worked very closely with our glue supplier to develop an adhesive that was robust enough to glue these two materials together, could withstand the high heats without giving off any odors, and could stand up to all the demands (heat, steam, grease, moisture etc.) and be FDA certified