Featured Case Study

A Foil Breadstick Bag Replacement

Darden/Longhorn/Olive Garden

These are bags that allow Darden customers to take breadstick bags home and reheat them

Darden/Longhorn/Olive Garden for years sold their signature bread sticks in foil/paper laminate bags

About 5 years ago, they changed their package format …. they put the foil in and white paper out.

  • Without any paper on the inside to absorb the moisture .. the humidity skyrocketed and condensed on the breadsticks …. damaging the customer experience
  • They were also unhappy with the environmental insensitivity of foil

They came to us with two challenges

  • Eliminate the rainstorm effect and dry out the breadsticks
  • Put forward a more environmentally friendly footprint

Our solution – a bag made from natural quilt wrap

  • The insulating properties keep the breadsticks hot
  • The paper on the inside wicked away the moisture and eliminated the rainstorm effect
  • Eliminating the foil allowed the package to go in a microwave for reheating
  • From an environmental perspective
    • Aluminum requires damaging strip mining and high energy and water use to manufacture
    • Quilt wrap uses renewable resources and less energy and water to manufacture
    • Natural kraft conveys an environmental message to customers