Casual Dining

This market is sensitive to presentation as well as functionality. Printed basket liners are an excellent way to serve your customers their food choices in a clean, attractive manner that enhances the fun in a dine-in experience. Specialty Packaging is able to assist you with custom liner needs in several size and paper options and can generate your special look no matter how many restaurants you operate. Other available products include carry-out bags, silverware bags, and bread bags.

Quick Serve

The combination of fast service and great tasting food is driving this market to ever increasing popularity. Specialty Packaging offers custom portion bags and wraps that provide you and your customers with ease of product handling while promoting your brand to everyone who’s watching. Our product line for this market includes bags for hot dogs, tacos, pizza slices, burritos, french fries, cookies, and fried pies, and of course our wraps are used for all sorts of sandwiches and burgers. Additionally, our paper packaging costs less than foam or plastic containers and requires less space in your storage area .

Convenience Stores

Everyone's seeking what the name implies -- to go foods are becoming more and more common in today’s convenience stores. These outlets often utilize heat lamps, roto grills, and hot box displays to promote quality food items to hungry customers. Specialty Packaging offers a complete line of bags and wraps for these items including hot dogs, corn dogs, burritos, egg rolls, breakfast sandwiches, pretzels, popcorn, and burgers. Should you need grease resistant packaging or have a need for heat retention properties, we can make you custom products that will increase your convenience and your food sales.

Packer Processors

Many food manufacturing companies are using portion packaging to assist in the marketing of their products. Whether it’s new product launches, consumer sampling programs, or simple product handling, Specialty Packaging can help with custom items that promos your brand. Our SCIPS program ( specific count inner packs ) can provide you with exact packaging units to match your exact product case counts. So, if you are introducing a new product in your school lunch program or needing a special bold red and green Christmas design give us a call to answer your special food packaging needs.

Food And Paper Distributors

Since 1964 Specialty Packaging has been supplying the packaging needs of food and paper distributors located throughout the country. Our stock offering of products is ready for immediate shipment and our custom order lead times are the shortest in the industry. You will always find a courteous, experienced customer service associate ready to assist you with your order status or needed product information. Salesman sample kits, sales catalogs, and marketing support for trade shows are some of the methods we use to help our distributor partners succeed.