Genuine Vegetable Parchment: An excellent alternative to parchment paper

The daily life of an Executive Chef sounds wonderful. We picture them in their well-pressed, spotless chef’s whites, topped with the requisite achromatic “toque blanche” chef hat.

The rich smells of their finest creations fill their nostrils as they oversee the sous chef and their assistants feverishly preparing dishes for the frenzy of a lunch rush.

Truth is, it’s not all glitz and glamor.

To hold the highest hierarchal post in the kitchen, one requires an exceptional sense of timing, preternatural efficiency, the ability to communicate complex creative processes to a team of cooks seamlessly, and this is before the food preparation even begins.

Executive Chefs are creative artists, food service managers, allergy specialists, occasional firefighters and spokesperson for their own unique brand of delicacies.

A Chef Demonstrates Culinary Expertise

Chefs, professional bakers and culinary artists all need a baking liner that checks all the boxes.  The run-of-the-mill parchment paper available at chain grocery stores will not suffice. On the five-star level of food prep, a type of super parchment is necessary, and that’s why Genuine Vegetable Parchment checks all the boxes.

What is Genuine Vegetable Parchment (GVP) paper?

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The Cubano Wrap: Genuine Vegetable Parchment in Action

Genuine Vegetable Parchment paper is the choice for food preparation by Top Chefs and Culinary Artists.  However, we thought it would be helpful to show a pairing of GVP with a popular product, such as the Cubano Wrap, a top choice by 7 Eleven customers in our Miami market and across the south.

For the Cubano Wrap, we use our very own GVP developed by our top engineers for use specifically with our client, 7 Eleven.  The parchment paper is bleached, with custom printing on the outside, and a release coating on the food side.

What sets GVP paper apart from the pack of lower grade pan liner material is its innate ability to halt moisture buildup, while maintaining warmth.  It is also quite advantageous that GVP is heat resistant up to normal cooking temperatures.  Thus, the GVP is ideal for not just cooking in, but it can also be used as its very own serving plate. 

How the Cubano Wrap works

The Cubano sandwich is made fresh daily and stored in the GVP wrap where they are available for customers to pick up as they shop.  Once they’ve completed their shopping, they take the wrap to the cashier, who warms the sandwich on a panini grill without ever having to remove the sandwich from the package. Now with the cheese melted and the sandwich warmed, it is ready to eat. One of the greatest advantages of this packaging is the ability of the package to be utilized for the entire life cycle of the product from preparation to consumption.

Why does Specialty Packaging, Inc. recommend this packaging for enhancing customer experience?

  • The sandwich is prepped, cooked and served in one package—eliminating the number of times the food needs to be handled directly and therefore maximizing sanitation.
  • The printed wrapper is great for brand recognition as well as content identification, this not only enhances your customer’s shopping experience, but it also strengthens your brand’s voice by visual recognition
  • Cooking the content inside of the packaging eliminates any mess on the grill which, in a busy quick-serve food service environment, is the key to timely customer service.  In the rapid-fire world of food service, every moment truly matters.

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